A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee—Tips to Make Your Office More Fun

A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee—Tips to Make Your Office More Fun

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Survey results are in, and 100% of the employees at your business agree: team meetings are so painful. 

But they’re necessary, you say! Of course, part of being part of a business team is communicating and collaborating. So team meetings are one of those necessary evils in life. Only, they don’t have to be.

Consider what one team manager does for his team. Each meeting, Jon organizes a different theme. Typically he wears a very loud wig. He tells corny jokes in between presenting the pertinent information. All the way through the meeting, he has their attention and they are happy to give their input. And then, his team members always now that he’ll be—literally—throwing out some prizes at the end. Jon has reached Team Meeting Manager, Expert Level.

Underneath all the pizzazz is one basic truth. Jon knows that a happy employee is a productive employee. And what better way to make and employee happy than to have a little fun? You don’t just have to keep the fun within team meetings. 

As the leader of a group of employees, you should look for all sorts of ways to make sure your employees are among the happiest on earth. Make your office a happy office.

Here are some tips:

  • Offer Incentives

    A little friendly competition can go a long way in boosting morale. Have a start and end date. Display the running totals and give prizes when an employee reaches a goal. Do it regularly.

    • Post Motivational Sayings

      Sticky Quotes has packs of unique, motivational sayings that you can stick all over the office; they are perfect to add a little umph to employee productivity. They are great in cubicles, on mirrors, on files. Packs have unique quotes so just grab a pack and have fun finding places to place them.

      • Bring in Some Catering

        Food! It doesn’t have to be fancy—even a fruit platter or a box of artisan bagels—but employees definitely love food. It also brings them together in a casual way, helping foster more togetherness. Try to mix up healthy and treats to keep things more balanced.

        • Promote Good Health

        A healthy employee is more happy and productive. There are lots of things you can try. Give everyone a step counter, encourage employees to talk walks outside during breaks, or give discounts to local gyms. A more balanced employee is a happy employee.

        • Have Regular Dress Up Days

        No, we’re not talking about typical office wear. Happy employees like having fun, and most everyone loves getting a little silly. Have an Ugly Tie or Ugly Sweater day. It’s simple and easy, and you can give a pack of Stick Quotes as a prize!

        • Host a Party

        Office parties can be a great way to help employees have more fun. You don’t have to get too fancy—you could even hold it in the office right after work. Play some games and reduce some stress while you’re at it!

        • Show Your Appreciation

        Of course, giving out bonuses always makes employees happy. But beyond that, writing a note or telling each employee how much you appreciate them and what specific things they bring to the team will go a long way. When an employee feels valued, then they will be happier and more productive.

        Many people don’t enjoy going to work, not only because of the work itself but because of the office atmosphere. Help make your employees excited to go to work. Help them have fun, work hard, and be happy.


        What's the most effective workplace motivation strategy you've experienced? What was your favorite part about it? Please let me know by commenting below or using #TheMotivationMovement on Instagram and Twitter!

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