5 Superfoods That Supercharge Your Intellect

5 Superfoods That Supercharge Your Intellect

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It’s no secret, not all foods are created equal.

Many foods can help your brain function optimally while many will slow your cognitive function. So why not choose the ones that will help you fire on all cylinders? I don’t know about you but I’ll take all the help I can get! Here are some of nature’s secret foods that can help you think clearly and creatively.

1) Reishi

Reishi mushrooms are not very well known in the US but they have been used for thousands of years by Chinese royalty. They are known as ‘mushrooms of immortality’ because of their healing properties. Besides regenerating your liver, fighting cancer and elongating your life, this plant has a protein that helps neurological functioning and is able to help nerve growth. It is used to combat degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s. This comes in capsules, tinctures or protein powders.

2) E3 Live

Another secret superfood known by a small percentage of the population is a blue green algae that comes from a lake. It is sold in the frozen section of some specialty health food stores. E3 Live transports oxygen in the blood to the brain. It is specifically known to support the brain more than anything else. The brand called ‘Brain On’ is one of the most popular brands.

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3) Coconut Oil

This superfood contains essential fatty acids that help your brain function optimally. It helps cognitive function and fights Alzheimer’s. It has been called a miracle food because of it’s ability to help your body in so many ways. It is antimicrobial and can help your body fight off viruses in the gut. It can help regulate the hormones and regulate insulin levels. They have antioxidants which are known to help prevent premature aging and reduce risk of diseases related to chronic inflammation such as cancer. It even helps your skin.

4) Walnuts

This nut is even shaped like a brain. Walnuts have been called the ultimate brain food. Walnuts are great for the memory and they have omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for healthy brain functioning. While there are many superfoods, this one is may be known to help the brain the most.

5) Maca Root

Maca root reduces stress, improves focus and energy as well as overall cognitive function. It’s also a great caffeine replacement and helps build muscles. While it is used to boost libido it can also stimulate creativity and confidence which can help you find solutions to problems or create new exciting projects. This is an adaptogen that regulates hormones and brings the body into harmony. It’s a very potent plant that superfood enthusiasts swear by. You can get it in a supplement or powder to add to smoothies.

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Try these magical and medicinal plants and see what happens.

They are not like pharmaceutical pills that will work instantly, they need some time to fix your system. Remember, when you make good decisions for your body, it can make your life easier and fuel you with energy to accomplish the things you want to do!


Which items on our list did you know were superfoods? Which ones did you not know were superfoods, or did you not know at all? You're not alone, lol! Got any yummy recipes with these ingredients to share? Please let me know by commenting below or using #TheMotivationMovement on Instagram and Twitter!

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