Lunchbox Lovin’ Comes in All Flavors; Great to Stick on Homework, Too

Lunchbox Lovin’ Comes in All Flavors; Great to Stick on Homework, Too

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Depending on what stage of motherhood or fatherhood you’re in, sending your child to school with lunch can be heart-wrenching or exhilarating, but there are very few days when you don’t want to send your child off with an inspiring message – of some kind.

Sure, it’s heart-wrenching during those first full-day school days – for some it’s kindergarten, for others, it’s first grade – when you say “Good-bye, my love” for the first time, but it’s exhilarating when they no longer need you to hold their hand all the way into the bus. . . . No matter how you want to say, “I Love You,” there’s a sticky quote to echo your sentiments perfectly.

If you’ve packed a Sunkist in your child’s lunchbox, tear off a note that makes a play on words, like “Orange You Cute.” If you’ve packed a Baggie of assorted nuts, choose the sticky that proclaims “I’m Nuts about You.” Whatever you’ve packed – an apple, you say – there’s a note – “You’re the Apple of my Eye” to draw attention to it and the love you packed along with it.

Lunch Box Notes

Just want to say, “I’m Proud of You”? There’s a sticky quote for that, too.

“Thank You for Being Such a Great Kid” and “You are the Best Kid in the Whole World” will make them feel great while they’re chillin’ in the lunchroom, chatting at “their table.” Remember, most kids have less than 30 minutes to enjoy lunch with friends. Make it memorable; send a sticky.

Lunch Box Notes

Maybe your son or daughter is learning about ecosystems and creatures that live in the ocean. Choose the note that says, “I Whaley, Whaley Love You” to inspire their class work. Or maybe they’re studying prehistoric animals. Choose the sticky with the dinosaur on it to stick to their homework. What a cool idea for inspiring young minds! Maybe your child is trying to master a unit on the universe or the solar system. Place a “Reach for the Stars” sticky on their just-finished book report and imagine their eyes lighting up when they pull it out of their homework folder.

No matter where you decide to “stick it,” you may personalize your note for maximum impact. Your child will recognize your handwriting instantly and be warmed all over to see that you care enough to send your love each day.


Do you write lunch box notes out for your children? What messages do they respond best to? Please let me know by commenting below or using #TheMotivationMovement on Instagram and Twitter!

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