Company Background

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Sticky Quotes was officially launched in 2015 with the mission of inspiring people when they least expect it.

  • Our unique line of sticky notes aims to share encouragement, motivation and good vibes in the most random of moments throughout the day.

  • It is at the core of our belief system that inspiration is like a ripple effect; everyone who is impacted by our mission is more likely to share some inspiration with a friend who shares it with another friend and so on! 

Meet the Founder of Sticky Quotes

Sticky Quotes Michael Russo New York

Hi, my name's Michael Russo.
When you share a sticky, you share more than just a smile! 

  • Being the optimistic and idealistic philosopher I am (seriously, I major in philosophy and business management), I once thought: "How could I make the world a happier place?" 

  • For starters, I figured I could write inspirational quotes on sticky notes and leave them all over the place. And that’s exactly how Sticky Quotes got its start. The sticky quote note idea was my simple yet effective way to make the world a happier place.

  • I was sticking these instant happy notes everywhere – all over the Morgan Stanley office where I once interned; in every classroom at Molloy College; and just about anywhere else I've gone since January 2014 when I started this movement.

It wasn't until I paired up with an awesome team of friends and mentors, won a college business plan competition, and printed an insane number of sticky notes in my parents’ kitchen that I had the confidence and the opportunity to start this business. 

  • I even went with two friends to audition for “Shark Tank,” in April of 2015 during the NYC open casting call at ABC Studios. Unfortunately, I didn’t land a spot on the prime time show!

  • However, I did appear as a “shark” alongside Kevin O’Leary at American Portfolios 2015 Financial Business Plan Competition at their annual conference in Philadelphia. 

  • Now five years later, I'm on an even bigger mission, graduated from college, running this amazing business, as well as another company called Wild Bill's Soda! Join me on my mission to motivate.