Our brand, Sticky Quotes, takes a unique approach to marketing your brand.

Don’t just imprint your organization’s logo on any item. Use an item that will leave impression after impression after impression on your clients. Invite us to become the centerpiece of your next ad campaign and find out more!

  • Each pad of our Sticky Quotes can be designed with a unique inspirational message on each sheet – to create, literally, 50 (or any amount of) lasting impressions on your audience.

  • We are the only company that can produce sticky notes so that every sheet in the pad has different artwork on it. That gives you 50 chances to create an impression on your audience and send your message 50 different ways. Now that’s a lasting impression.

And each note has room for a personalized message.

Sticky Quotes Promotional Products

(Cover Page - Twist Office Products)

Sticky Quotes Promotional Products

(Variable Sheets - 
Twist Office Products)

  • First, we create an eye-popping cover note that is completely customizable. We can feature your logo, website, hashtags, social media handles, events, promotions or whatever else you can think of!

  • Next, choose from a panoply of inspirational quotes – we’ve got hundreds to choose from – or provide us with tag lines or quotes to illustrate, or supply us with your own completed artwork that best represents your company's message. We will create 50 customized pages for your customers to use to write their own thoughts and messages to colleagues and their customers.

  • Finally, choose the color scheme of the inside sheets for the sticky notes you want to use, and then it's time to Peel, Stick, and Inspire your audience!

Here are more examples of work we've done for clients:

Gary Vee Sticky Notes

@GaryVee Themed Sticky Quotes

Sticky Quotes Custom Sticky Notes Promotional Product
Top: Virtual Enterprises International
Bottom: Tailored Avenue

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