New Years Resolution Sticky Notes - Inspirational and Uplifting New Years Quotes

$ 6.99

It's almost 2017! "New Year, New You," right? Many of us set out to stay fit and healthy, lose weight and enjoy life more. Often, these goals may be a bit too ambitious, which could explain why New Year's resolutions often melt away with the winter snow. Here is where our Resolution Sticky Quotes come in. Part of the reason resolutions fail is that people are not motivated enough to do the work to change their habits. These inspirational stickies will give you the motivation to make your goals realistic and inspire others to achieve theirs!

Product Specifications:

  • Resolution, Positive Thinking Themed Sticky Notes
  • 10 Unique Designs in Every Pad (Five of Each Design)
  • 3 x 3 Inch, 50 Sheets Plus Cover Page
Fan Favorite Resolutions in This Pad:
  • Smile More Often
  • Volunteer for a Cause
  • Laugh Out Loud More Often
  • Conquer One of Your Fears



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