Positive Affirmation & Motivational Sticky Notes – Perfect for Team Inspiration, Goal Setting & Self Development, – 2 Pads 50 Sheets/Pad 25 Unique Quotes & Designs - Tan Notes Colorful Typography

$ 8.99

HELP A FRIEND through a tough time or share the good vibes with a stranger in your own, unique way, with STICKY NOTES! This unique line of sticky notes aim to bring encouragement, motivation and good vibes in the most random of moments throughout the day. It is at the core of our belief system that inspiration is like a ripple effect; everyone who is impacted by our mission is more likely to share some inspiration with a friend who shares it with another friend and so on! Through sharing Sticky Quotes, you can join us in #TheMotivationMovement, it’s as easy as #PeelStickInspire.
  • ON THE GO MOTIVATION for when you have time to tell the little one they're the best before they go to school. Parents and teachers LOVE these messages of encouragement.
  • YOUR DAILY DOSE OF HAPPINESS, what’s better than that? Personalize a sticky note and make it your own to share today!
  • INSTANT INSPIRATION that helps you share the most motivational quotes via STICKY NOTES!
  • 2 Sticky Note Pads - 25 Unique Quotes in Each Pad (Each Repeat Once) – 50 Sheets + Cover Page – 3X3 IN Sticky Note Pad - Green